Paul Deacon

International Toastmaster & MC

"You were brilliant. You took an enormous burden from our collective shoulders. The consensus of opinion was that it was a fabulous day"
"Two days ago we saw the video and we were again struck by the professional way you executed your duties. We had a marvellous day with our family and friends"
"We see how relaxed the speeches were and the fun you brought with it"
"Your professionalism was outstanding... we had a fantastic day."
"As you promised, you left us with nothing to worry about"
"It was wonderful to be able to sit back and enjoy the reception without having to worry about formalities, which I must say you guided us through to perfection, and with a gentle humour"
"Merci beaucoup pour ce que vous avez fait. Les francais et les allemands ont beaucoup apprecie votre presentation. Merci encore"
"Your presence raised the status of the occasion. You did not, however, allow the obvious need for organisation to overcome a more important requirement for a happy day"
"Thank you very much for making the day run so smoothly for us. We are well aware of all the running around you did in the background for us and are proud to say that thanks to you nothing went wrong on the day."
"Keep up the great work. And thank you for the little surprises throughout the day, and for being instrumental in getting our guests to say a few words on the video, which on, by the way, you look and sound great "
"We are very impressed at how you manage to remember everyone's names. I hope we get the opportunity to use your services again in future, although not at a wedding of course! "

Toastmaster & MC  Services for any Event or Occasion

This popular and well respected Toastmaster genuinely believes that HE IS NOT the Star of the Show, but the guiding light who makes the others and your event shine.
He is passionate about bringing together the team of specialists (for instance caterers, cameras and performers) he is working with so that you get the best results.
Few Toastmasters deliver such a wide range of performance styles to suit different requirements.

Here are some broad examples of events at which he is both experienced and  professionally qualified:


No two brides are identical and so no two weddings are the same. Each venue is different and an appropriate style of performance is required for each. These days a Toastmaster needs to be experienced enough to deal with a Christian, Jewish or Asian wedding in England, flexible enough to perform appropriately to suit the cultural and thematic needs of each type of event and confident enough to drive the wedding forward without stealing the limelight. Having worked at over 1,000 events, in the UK and abroad, for 25 years Paul regularly demonstrates that he has the necessary experience, flair and determination to bring together your team of suppliers and guide a wedding appropriately - and he is cheerful and humorous as well! Wedding venues have been teepees and marquees in fields, a badminton court, private dining rooms with 20 guests, Thames boats, stately homes, castles and palaces.


Paul has worked with many celebrities over the years and some of them are Jeffrey Archer, Nicola Benedetti, Brian Blessed, Rabbi Lionel Blue, Gyles Brandreth, Rory Bremner, Bruce Forsyth, Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo, Garry Richardson, Gaby Roslin, Bryn Terfel, and Ashley and Pudsey. 

Corporate Events

From straightforward dinners with perhaps Receiving Line, Grace, Dinner and Speeches to multi-media Awards ceremonies and conferences Paul is familiar with handling fast-paced events and making sure that they run on time. He efficiently moves large numbers of guests from a reception to a banqueting suite. He brings a large audience to order with ease and capably looks after high-profile speakers, delegates and guests from Lord Mayors to international CEOs and the man in the street who is nervous about making his speech. When Royalty are involved with your event, Paul can give valuable advice based on experience with UK and International Royal families.

Charity Events

Whether it's 1,000 people in a large hotel or fifty VIPs the focus has to be on the charity and making sure that the guests understand that they are there to donate. In dispensing simply with the formalities of the evening, Paul's lively performance makes sure that the guests focus on enjoying themselves and are attentive and informed about the activities going on around them.

From formal to frivolous you will see an appropriate performance which will amuse and relax your guests and encourage giving.

International Events

With a touch of British sang-froid, or a smattering of a local language, Paul can look after events in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Punjabi and Gujarati. Very happy to work with organisers for other languages, but has been known to struggle with Cantonese and Mandarin! Past international work includes weddings and dinners in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, France, Gibraltar, Monaco, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Singapore