Paul Deacon

International Toastmaster & MC

"You were brilliant. You took an enormous burden from our collective shoulders. The consensus of opinion was that it was a fabulous day"
"Two days ago we saw the video and we were again struck by the professional way you executed your duties. We had a marvellous day with our family and friends"
"We see how relaxed the speeches were and the fun you brought with it"
"Your professionalism was outstanding... we had a fantastic day."
"As you promised, you left us with nothing to worry about"
"It was wonderful to be able to sit back and enjoy the reception without having to worry about formalities, which I must say you guided us through to perfection, and with a gentle humour"
"Merci beaucoup pour ce que vous avez fait. Les francais et les allemands ont beaucoup apprecie votre presentation. Merci encore"
"Your presence raised the status of the occasion. You did not, however, allow the obvious need for organisation to overcome a more important requirement for a happy day"
"Thank you very much for making the day run so smoothly for us. We are well aware of all the running around you did in the background for us and are proud to say that thanks to you nothing went wrong on the day."
"Keep up the great work. And thank you for the little surprises throughout the day, and for being instrumental in getting our guests to say a few words on the video, which on, by the way, you look and sound great "
"We are very impressed at how you manage to remember everyone's names. I hope we get the opportunity to use your services again in future, although not at a wedding of course! "

Paul Deacon is a professional International Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies and a past President of the National Association of Toastmasters with private and corporate clients all over the world.

Remember, along with Paul's professional service comes over 25 years of experience and advice to help make your special day, function or event memorable and stress free.

Why not utilise the skills offered by Paul in planning and supporting you in the management of your wedding, dinner, presentation or other prestigious event?

Paul's Toastmaster service is naturally in great demand so if you have a date in mind please contact him now.